Two points

It was very good. Long-haired blond woman with bright blue eyes. Height - for meter eighty, and this despite the fact that nozhnyaki, boobs - everything as it should be, as in the picture. The young filly. Stately! Now she stood in front of me, resting his eyes on the floor and murmured something about failing an offset, about the expulsion and about parents who are very upset. I did not care, I was waiting for the right phrase. And she followed: - Albert M., well, maybe you can do something: I ask you: It is time to act. I handed her the keys and unctuous voice asked: - Korolev, close the door, be good. predstoit.Poka serious conversation she fumbled with the lock, I did not take his eyes off the smart ass. I almost physically felt her Kripen'ka buttocks in his hands. Dick, too, felt them himself so much that hurt stalo.A then everything was very simple. When the beauty of the keys returned, I held her hand in his, looked into his eyes and growled: - On your knees, suchara quickly !! - And he stood up, and pulled to the credibility of the bright mane. "Queen" (Heard that her so called on the course) I gave way: in the eyes flashed horror legs buckled - and all the beauty in front of my desk on his knees. I slowly got up and walked slowly, slowly unbuttoned his pants and took them with shorts. She whispered the traditional "Do not:"And then only by a plaintive myknula too deep What I logged huya.- "Do not"?! - I make fun of me, with pleasure spitted her head on the penis. - Suck, bitch, suck! Well suck! Filly in her mouth was a small, as if specially designed for a good suction. Only now she enjoyed them unconvincing. Had uchit.- The eyes see, blyadina! Gently, tenderly: Eggs lick! Now head! Now suck! Deeper fucking !! Deeper still !!! For oh, come on, huesoska, come on, and then slomayu.Mordochka her neck became crimson, expensive lipstick smeared on her cheeks, and my cock. I do not know what her thoughts were visited, but the fear in his eyes changed pokrnostyu and, I would even say - devotion. Now it was necessary to break it to the end, destroy, and prevent the slightest desire to soprotivleniyu.Ya stronger wound on the arm hair, lifted up her head and juicy spat in his face. One, two, three: With soprovodilovka - fucking hole! Podzabornaya Whore! Litter fucking! Hand feel like shaking her body. Nothing happens. I stood over her, poddrachivaya already strong as stone dick and ordered: - Lick master's ass! Lively, bitch, quick, and when the tab quickly ran around the anus, I realized - everything a girl gotova.Ya let her hair, ordered to stand. She got up. It should be staggered to opizdineniya beautiful: a strict dress (the dean was, how else?) - And face covered in saliva, lipstick and even in something that is usually of dick sochitsya.- Take cowards! - I give the command again. No hint of disobedience - shot in the hand holds. Belenky takie.- Kharya wipe! - I continue. She wiped. The blue eyes - the dregs. Floating devitsa.Rasstegivayu jacket. Then blouse. Slowly, a button of a button. Swings open. Well-oo-oo! That's boobs !! - bra unbutton! - I wildebeest their line. I love it when she undresses herself and I can not help it. Che stand for? A-ah, do not know where to put the hands of the coward, uncomfortable. Nothing izlovchis.Krasota-ah! Strong, not too big and not too small, tender, flavorful with papillae. What a charming these boobs! And if the nipple in his mouth? Like - Like it? - I ask aloud, fingering hardened tip of the nipple. Mumbles something in return - not understand. Okay, then uznaem.Za hair, reversal - and his nose in the leather sofa. Turn to rehouse the woods and back to me! So that ass shone in all its glory. So I can see how should abstain all your holes. In Oh, good girl? What have we here One quick glance is enough for me to understand everything. Young, well-groomed hair wedge pussy pubic hair, buttocks without any signs of cellulite and pink (see, "virgin"!) Ass hole. And the most interesting: all of this - in the lubricant oozing from ajar schelki.- What - slaver pussy, bitch? - I'm asking rhetorical vopros.Molchit. Hole under the finger relish champs and contracts. Tae-eq, we proceed: to drive the girl just two fingers in the pussy. In her lust - as the elephant's grain. Only a hole wider than the sounds, but let drool even more. Now vyymem and this: one finger - in the pussy, and the second - in the ass. Like "parenthesis"? A? Che mychish, blyadina ?! The holes pulsate around the fingers. Hot, tight, wet. Ass - velvety, undulating; pussy - slippery, smooth. The girl picks up. Growled louder, back toward stepped on - so much so that the fingers come almost all the way. I also accelerate, move his arm stronger and from side to side. And now - it "M-uh !!" develops into "Mm-xp xp: Oh-oh-oh !!"And then in a plaintive "Oh-oh, Mom-mm-points-a-ah !!!". And mad, chaotic convulsions of the whole body: Well finished knot. I take out fingers and whitish Snivel falls out of the pussy. As proof of noble orgazma.- Like it? - I ask. Breathing, but is silent. I take evil. - Liked?! - I hand byu on the elastic buttocks. - Answer me, bitch! - And another blow, this time bolnee.- Yes - barely audible shepchet.Nu and well, who would doubt. I took aim and easily thrust member. The mare gasps. What? Such large have not tried? And you try, try: The hole pussy wraps tightly inside the narrow, wet. Kaif - H on! N-n-on, whore! Like dick? Like Fucking? N-on! - I say it out loud, I'm tired to hold back. Rolls in hand with your fingers - a little wider, so that pussy stretched! And stone by a dick strong - there, inside, on the egg to the uterus is left under the ribs - Like it? Answer me, bitch! Answer me! - I demand, increasing the pressure further. Dick, shiny from kleykovatoy pizdyanoy grease warp faster. Wrenched labia, and then in the depths, it is stuck in the neck matki.- hardish nice answer! Answer me! Like?? - I tear off one arm and slap on the buttocks of the girl in the ass. As slap: right-left, stronger. That starts at the beginning poskulivat, then whine, and then whine. And through all these mournful sounds are heard "Yes: I like: I like:".- And so? - Do not let me, licking her thumb and inserting it into the hole backside. And again "Yes: So: Like:"Gang bang .Postepenno is transformed for her into one prolonged orgasm. She repeatedly mangle cramps, and then pussy and ass relax stronger. Then I take out to the head of the penis and all - finger parted spit in point - and again. Dick - for tomatoes, and finger - until it stops. Again, orgasm and pause again. And so again! Again! Still a lot of time! .. The girl sweaty, ohuevshaya from animal buzz. Knees are leaving. Ending evidently have no strength, though still ends. Then I pull off her on the floor, wrap your hands on the buttocks: - ... to push the point! - In response to the plaintive "No: There does not have to please:". But his hands obediently do what they said. I overhanging top, find the head hole backside and without unnecessary preliminaries dick pushed to third. Her body shudders, heard the plaintive "No: It is painful: It is not necessary .. It hurts:". Yeah, we know it all, know. Oh! Shit, how the point is well !! I gradually increase the depth. N-on! H-nna !! Ass girls amenable disclosed. Nn-on !!! - Fingering pussy! - I order. Then take out the dick, I spit into the open hollow - and again, now almost all the way, fuck the girl in zad.- like? Like slut ?! - By a dick I feel like relaxing hole backside as start movement forward. The hand on the pussy and just two fingers in the vagina hlyupayuschee - n n on! And there, a little lower, she herself - as it should! - Nadraivat clitoris. Not long stretch you so, baby: But I thought about it, the girl wheezed, zadrygala feet, shook her head: Yes! Point it to the power contracted and began literally to milk dick. "Ltd! Fuck-a-ah !!!" - I roared like a bear, drove dick at the base and began to pump sperm student in zhopu.Kogda I got up and took another stiff cock from chmoknuvshey assholes, all lay student. He wiped dry with a member of her own panties. Lies. Do not move. Sperm flowed from gouging the anus to the ruined pussy. Lies. All Yeshe lies. Dressed, she cinched belt. Lezhit.- Arise, Korolev! Two points you earned yourself. Once you come tomorrow for two: