Raised sisters

Boys. The sisters were older than me, one for 2 years, on the other 3. They remained a whole wardrobe of clothes that they have to be small, and put her there was no one. We are not rich enough to throw away old clothes, so all their clothes are given to me.
Somewhere in the 6 years I constantly wore a girl's pink tights, panties with a rose, a girl's T-shirt. In the garden she was dressed partly as a boy, in part as a girl - for example, is clearly not the boy's tights, or girlish blouse, but dress in the garden of course, I did not wear, and therefore not all noticed that I was not dressed as the need boys.
And here at home - it is another matter. There due to lack of opportunity to wear boyish clothes, which we have had very little, I wore not only a girl's tights, shirts, and often went to the girls' dresses, which used to at my age were sisters. I never thought to resist it, because he thought my mom authority and if she asks me to wear it, it means I have to do it. But the sisters were well aware that I'm getting quite a girl, because of the constant dressing the girl's clothes. But they were not opposed to it, on the contrary fully supported, as their is very amused. They are often themselves dressed me in her dress, choose the right style, the right combination of color stockings and dresses generally vynaryazhivali me and then admired and giggling. Well I would do if I was a boy in the family and around me only girls and their clothes, and the almost complete lack of boy's clothes.
Years passed. When I was in school, I was already difficult to continue to wear girly things to wear them in school. At first I wore at the behest of my mother's maiden lace blouse and boy's trousers. Because of this, they laughed at me first, my classmates, and then the teacher reprimanded and told me to not more so dressed, and called my mother to school. Since school, I dressed like a normal boy, but it was only in terms of the outer garment. Under the bottom of the clothes I wore maiden of his sisters - all the things that they once were before, I wore the. That is, for example, under the pants I always wore tights - usually white, sometimes pink, lace panties - at the sisters had a good taste of a very feminine panties, T-shirt with elegant embroidery. And on top of it all wore normal boyish clothes.
But in the house under the pressure of the sisters, I almost did not dress like a boy. Then I was beginning to understand that with something happening to me - not normal for a boy, but nothing to do with it could not. I vynaryazhivali sisters in their girlish dress, forced to wear her panties, pants, and even nakrashivali my lips and eyelashes and tried to do my hair with curls. Mama even stopped me from buying boyish clothes due to lack of the need. I have completely got used to dress up as a girl and spend money to buy me a boy's clothing was inappropriate (except only clothes for school).
Friends, I almost did not have, by nature was very quiet, gentle boy who did not share any boys' interests. When all the boys were playing in the yard, ran, played, I was sitting at home, and often played with dolls. It was interesting to dress dolls in different girl's clothes, as well as in her dress me do it my hair. Dolls I inherited from the sisters, the other toys in our house simply was not, and so I only played in them.
As they get older, I became even more feminine clothing that is given to me by the sisters became more adult, instead of the child's / b tights, I started wearing real thin pantyhose female. It started somewhere in the sixth grade - while many of the girls go in tights, skirts, and some are even beginning to be painted. Looking at them, I saw little difference them away. I might as well dress like them, but I had to get dressed to school in normal boyish clothes, so as not to be disgraced by all. But, nevertheless, under the pants, I started to wear thin stockings and lace panties and a beautiful white shirt, satin bra, sometimes body, sometimes lacy T-shirt.
In school, I happened to notice that some of my classmates zapodazrivayut that I wear under clothing. I was not at all like the boy, nor on the external features of the face and body, neither in nature and have long been accustomed to, that they look at me as a weakling and feeble polubaby, polupatsana. And then there's the taunts started about what I wear under clothing. Once on the geography lesson, I was wearing a thin blue sweater, I sat reading a textbook. Under the jacket he was wearing a bra, and a thin body with lace. Apparently jacket was too thin and easily shone. I felt like sitting on the desk behind me boys pulled my jacket. And then I realized that I did not pull it over her blouse and bra strap for which they groped under the jacket. I paint covered with shame, and then I laughed very much.
Since then, there were several cases of exposure, such as a physical education lesson with me stripped sweat pants and bared beneath my feet wearing thin black tights and women's lace panties. Laughter and taunts were such that I had to leave, even if the lesson of physical education.
Sisters and mother have long understood that their family is growing is not a boy and a girl. However, it was completely to their credit - they made me so, and is now turning back was not there. Everyone understood that because I do not get to make boys and men, and of me can now go out only girl and the woman further. On this occasion, we discussed many times in the family, mother and sisters forced me to start to lead the life of a girl's only - only to dress in girl's clothes and everywhere to be a girl, even at school. And that I was not shamed classmates to change the school and register there as a girl that no one had thought that I was a boy. Such a prospect is not very liked me, I confess honestly very afraid of such a big change. But the constant entreaties of my mother and sisters have done their job. I still decided to take this step, all the more so knew everyone in the school, I poludevochka, polumalchik. My mother then made me intensely drink female hormones. These tablets have been then just mountain and I was drinking 10-15 units per day.
In school, I started to go in the girls' clothes. I'm not dressed very boldly. It was a long dress of my sister's knee closing legs, body stockings, s¸striny shoes on a small heel, weak cosmetics and lightweight women's hairstyle. At first I could not find one, all could hardly believe it's me. But gradually classmates realized that with me that something is not right, I just changed its appearance on the female, thought I could somewhat ill, and rarely even mocked. Teachers, too, almost resigned, it was important for them to be just my performance was normal, but with this I had no problems studied (or rather studied) I'm always good. In general, in a surprisingly girlish life I went without major problems.
For three weeks I started to dress more boldly. I have myself to choose what to wear and not what I forcibly cram sisters. And I liked to dress up in beautiful miniyubochku, thin black tights (which I bought new in the store), sometimes bodily, in a pink blouse, or any blouse, but always with lace. I compared myself to other girls and did not want to lag behind their beauty. I had to sit for a long time before the mirror and actively lead his face in order, abundantly inducing makeup to match the level of the other girls. Scarlet lips, lush eyelashes, blue shade, powdered cheeks - that's how it became my face. Admission female hormones also led to its results - it seemed to me that I become much weaker and more feminine than I was, and it even scared me. The muscles in the body began to noticeably otrofirovatsya, all the body is somehow sculpting and stroynelo. It was about two months after the drink hormones.
And in the third month began breast growth. Prior to that, absolutely flat, boyish chest suddenly started to grow. It makes me incredibly happy, I am now part of the approach to the mirror, and saw how my breasts grew. She grew up not by weeks and by days. Here are two small liberated education, but it is not yet serious. After a couple of days, I see how visibly swollen breasts, and increased its size, but it is still not the chest, but just two little education. A day later seen a clear trend towards growth, it has become a little more. Day four, snakes I see it as small beads. Great! Little, however, still very small, but still a tidy balls. A week later, my breasts grew to the size of the first. So far, the first women's sizes. That's what drinking female hormones! I was ecstatic. Bra is now completely covered his chest and I did not have anything to enclose under it to give breast volume.
I gradually adapted to school and getting there is already one of the leading girls. Light became friends with a group of our girls and it became "his". Further my actions were in how to find a boyfriend. Many of our girls have already begun to appear his boyfriend, but I have this at first not going well.
To be continued.