Playing to the hospital

Played kids, when he grew up, and "to the doctor", retired in someone's garden, so as not to have seen adults. And, of course, we have repeatedly shot each other panties. And somehow July morning parents Cyril and girls by appointment went together to the station for food. In the yard was in 1989 the first year, there were queues, children and parents often did so, it was convenient to purchase.
The station was far away, the parents were leaving at least half a day. And also, by prior arrangement, Kirill led the house to the girls and children together locked in the first place, the children so would not be very boring, and secondly, fewer experiences to parents that their children are safe and, spree, will by no means leave . The children were very happy to be one term in the house without their parents, when, as we know and begin the most interesting games.
As soon as the parents left, the children were to decide in what they play. We thought long and at the suggestion of 11-year-old Zulfiya, decided to play in the hospital. The children cast lots - who was to be a nurse, a doctor who, who the patient. Zulfiya carved from a piece of notebook paper sheet 3 and the children have written on them - "doctor", "patient", "nurse" (in this sheet of children "Nurse" written in brackets, providing the situation, if the leaf pulls Cyril). Children turned over the leaves, mix them up and began to pull. It turned out that the "doctor" pulled Zulfiya, "nurse" - Lola, and Cyril - "patient". The girls were very happy and giggling that the case is a boy, they will be his "inspect" and will be able to touch and feel on his body whatever they want. The boy felt a little disappointed, but in my heart and rejoice - in the end, he will lie down and do nothing, and will have to dream girls.
Girls spread a mattress on the floor, a bed on top of it a white sheet. "Doctor," Zulfiya did not raise much ado, even asked the boy what was wrong with him. The girl told Cyril remove the shorts, T-shirt and roll up higher when the boy is carried out, pulled off his pants. Lola immediately crouched down to get a better look intimate place boys. Teen pinned some situation, he undressed in front of the girls, and both girls are fully clothed - before, during similar games, the children always undressed together.
- Look how cute! - Said Zulfiya Lola, gently touching pussy boy, although she saw Malchish prichindaly is not the first time, but they are unmodified, it, however, as Zulfiya, enthralled - and you that Kirill prefer eggs or pipiska?
- Pussy, - said Zulfiya - but testes in Kiryushka class too!
- Aha, - she nodded Lola - I, too, have all Kiri like pussy but he is still the best!
After that Zulfiya told "nurse" Lola put in a mattress spread on the floor two dwarf stools. When Lola did, Zulfiya told Cyril throw his feet on a stool. Throwing off summer sandals, the boy put his bare feet on the chairs. Zulfiya down on the floor between the chairs. They stood at a considerable distance from each other, so that the boy had quite widely spread her legs. All of his crotch was visible girls at a glance, even a little ass. Zulfiya thigh stroked the boy, the boy's delicate skin of the pubic area, then gently lifted her fingers member. Kind of pretty, soft pink 12-year-old Cyril penis, although earlier Zulfiya had seen and touched him, has caused the girl so excited that could not help, she pressed her lips to Malchish intimate place and start lips and tongue to caress the boy.
- Let me! - Heard situated on gentle touches Zulfiya in a light trance kid voice of Lola - I also want to be a doctor.
Zulfiya reluctantly ceded the younger girl a place near pipiski boy. Lola his swarthy nimble fingers began to feel an intimate place of his friend on the games, when it is the most serious expression on her face asking questions: "where does it hurt?" "And here?". All questions Cyril shook his head negatively.
- Well, - said Lola - you have to carefully examine.
The girl took a teaspoon and tables, slightly raised already standing as a peg segment of the boy, put a spoon to its base. Cyril was startled by the unexpected touch of the cold after the warm fingers girls.
- Oh, it tickles! - Screamed the boy.
- Be patient, the patient, so it is necessary - in a stern voice replied Lola.
With the question "And it's cold here?" Lola several times touched the spoon to the eggs and perineum boys. In response malchishka- "patient" funny twitch that pretty girls amused. However, only a few touches spoon heated, and Kirill stopped responding to it. Then Lola, already much cheer, again gently nadrochil segment of a boy and a slightly giggling began to pull at the finger sensitive skin crease under the head member of the boy on the outside, whose existence and its special sensitivity Lola learned in previous games with the boy in the doctor. Lola did not stop while asking the boy "medical issues". Cyril immediately very excited. The boy is already breathing heavily, his fingers nervously crumpled the sheet, which was covered with a mattress. When the boy's excitement reached its limit, he is pushing Lola's hand several times squeezed his cock in cam and once finished, sprinkling just a few drops of semen - still the boy only recently turned 12 years old. Orgasm, reddened Cyril lay motionless for some time, then pushing chairs, stood a mattress. The whole appearance of a naked boy, his slender legs slender, resilient teen ass, tender skin on her suddenly aroused from Zulfiya tide sincere sympathy to the boy, although it's always a nice treat for the teenager. The girl began gently stroking the belly and the boys back, not forgetting to kiss his ass. At this time, fingers younger girl could not be left alone fallen pisyun teenager. Some time Zulfiya Lola silently caressed Kirill. Finally Zulfiya said:
- The patient lie down. Now I'll give you a massage.
The boy readily agreed. Once the children were sunbathing and swimming in the river, and a boy, when sunbathing, she asked Zulfiya bruise on his back. The girl immediately began to knead the boy's back and shoulders, and the boy remembered how great the girl is doing. And Zulfiya Kirill told to lie on the mattress on his back. When the boy lay, Zulfiya slightly spread and bent at the knees of his bare feet, it was convenient to caress his private parts, already slightly flushed after pastimes with them girls. Sitting on a mattress next to the boy, Zulfiya began stroking his stomach, then moved on to the inner thighs and then, closer to the boy's genitals.
- Let me try - again asked Lola.
Zulfiya conceded Lola place, and herself moving closer up, touched the boy's nipples. The girl wanted to know, it's nice to be a boy, if she touched him there. Watching the expression on the boy's face, the girl found that it pleased him - pretty teenager smiled and puffed. Brown bumps boy nipples clearly stood out against the background of only slightly tanned skin boy - teenager once more sunbathing on her stomach. Zulfiya, bending over the boy's chest, gently pressed his lips a small pea left nipple teenager and started his lips and tongue to caress him. Snuggle left nipple, a girl a little later did the same with the right, then the lips and fingers start to caress both nipples at the same time the boy. Lolka, meanwhile, continued to indulge pipiskoy testicles and the boy, who clearly did not give her peace of mind.
- What kind of pretty! - Girl squealed with delight, gently fingering teen segment and testes. They were really pretty - pale pink, Gorny, with small wreaths, still completely untouched hairline - because the teenager has just begun puberty.
Mutual efforts of the girls have left their mark for a teenager. Seeing that the boy began again excited, Zulfiya with renewed energy began to caress his nipples. Zulfiya the fingers barely touching the delicate nipples boy, then with the force squeezed them, then began again to cover them with kisses.
Some time later, Zulfiya told Cyril to roll over on his stomach and began to "massage" the ass boy. Girl crumpling in the hands of the boy's buttocks, moved apart them, fondled his crotch; girl immediately tried to grab and anus and pipisku boys. At this time, much to cheer little Lola tickled the soles of the feet boyish, in response to the boy jerked funny legs. Suddenly Lola stopped this hilarious romp, suddenly took off her dress and underwear, climbed onto the mattress and sat down on his haunches, he began to touch her pretty ass boy priests. In response, boy, fun, giggling, too, began to move his ass.
- And let's all together pussy fingered - Kirill suggested.
The girls are already excited, we are caressed the boy agreed instantly.
Zulfiya also withdrew its golubenky dzhinsiki and took off her panties. Girls as a team up, knelt on the mattress, so that the boy could relate them to their rearing of segments, and feet slightly apart. Toward the boy was Lola, because Cyril touched first member to the youngest girls pussy, experiencing at the same time absolutely fantastic feeling. Lola moved the legs, thereby firmly pressing Malchish member to his pussy and started rubbing pussy on teen cock. Instantly aroused, Cyril felt that is about to finish, and stopped the girl, did not hesitate to use than Zulfiya.
- Give me now! - Emphatically said the eldest girl. Lola reluctantly ceded her place.
Slightly screaming with pleasure, while Zulfiya rubbed against a member of the boy, with her face still childishly joyful expression. The boy moved toward the girl. Trying to get in time with the movements of a teenager, Zulfiya grabbed hold of the boyish buttocks and, still gripping and stroking them, too, began to move.
At the same time the children touched their bellies.
- Wow! - Natasha cried with delight, - it is as if we fuck. As adults!
- Aha, - said Kirill, experiencing what it was exactly "as if", but not really.
But the feeling children were the real: touch smuglenkoy pipiski girls to Cyril member brought the boy downright transcendental pleasure is further enhanced when her small breasts pressed against him, and when the girl frantically crumpling his ass. Sensing the approach of orgasm, the children stopped, but then if some force again threw them to one another, and hug, kids fell onto the mattress. The boy obviously wanted more. Rolling onto his back, it is widely spread her legs, she pulled her knees and, thus, put on display all their charms girls as if inviting them to play around with them. Lolka immediately became on all fours and, leaning over the crotch of a teenager, he began to lick his private parts. This Zulfiya, pick up slightly lower index finger began to caress the anus dark spot boys and crotch crease. Lola continued to lick the boy, Cyril moved his ass to the beat of the movements of fingers Zulfiya.
Lola stronger pressed his lips to the boy Picea and Zulfiya at this time massaging hole anus boy, while not forgetting about his hole. The children no longer had to hold back forces. All three are so excited that finished very quickly, almost simultaneously. After that, the children were busy for some time the three of us on the mattress, feeling each other's private parts. But soon, he heard voices in the yard, the kids realized that their parents return. They immediately jumped up and pulled on shorts and other clothes. And when the parents entered the house, the kids have pretended to sulk enthusiastically in the "Fool". However, whenever possible, the kids continued their interesting games.