As I fucked my classmate

I was sitting behind her ... And now remains 5 minutes before the bell, and then she sends me a note, I almost fell off the chair when it read! It read:
"Wait for me after the lesson, we go to my house, I have no one at home!"
I wrote to her:
I was looking forward to the end of the lesson! And now ... the bell rang! I left the room and waited for the others will come, after all left, went and IT. She winked at me, smiled, and said:
- Well, let's go?
I nodded, and we went to her home! On the way we chatted with her about something. Soon I was in her apartment. She offered me tea, but I refused, then she invited me to her room. We went into her room, sat down on the sofa, and began to talk about that, about this. Then she invited me to play cards. We started to play, and then, when it was her turn, she paused and looked me in the eye. After 10 seconds, then she asked me what I could only dream of:
- I want you, why do not you fuck me?
I was shocked and at the same time incredibly happy! I nodded my head. Then she put the card, came to me and took off her top and then she took off with my hoodie, and then she took off her bra and, and my eyes appeared her awesome breasts! I almost did not finish the seen (because I was a virgin)! And she said:
- You do like them ... take them!
I began to knead her breasts, she began to moan, then I began to bite her nipples, so she loudly moaned, then she sat on his lap and stroked my legs, and then undid my pants, there she began to touch my penis (when it started its touch me like an electric shock, I've never felt such bliss!) then she pulled my cock out of his pants standing, uncovered head, licked it, and then began to suck. As she sucked ... I thought I would lose consciousness from a high right now! She continued to greedily suck my dick. Soon sperm flows began to emerge from a friend of mine, she greedily swallowed everything. After that, I took off her jeans, then pulled off her panties, my eyes appeared her pussy, which was a bit of hair, I began to lick her, she began to moan, then I put the index finger into her CIMS, so she strongly moaned in a short time she had finished. Then she put me on the couch, and she was on my cock, she began to sink slowly, and now, my head is touching her pussy, I like the current hits again, I'm on the brink of bliss, and my friend has gradually come into her pussy. It was close. Once it is fully seated on my cock, she began to move up and down. Her movements were accelerated with each passing second, I grabbed her ass, and she had me by the shoulders, she began to moan loudly, took a little time, and she had already tumbled on my penis, and her moans passed in shouts. I began to feel that will soon be over, but I decided to finish it, not on it! I started to feel like it inside the walls began to pulse - this is me even more excited, and I could no longer hold, and began to finish in it. Her body shook, and she began to moan rhythmically, while I poured her pussy cum. After I finished it, we sat on each other more exhausted for 2 minutes, then she stood up with me from her pussy rolling out my sperm and dripping on the floor.
She knelt down, her back to me and told me to fuck her in the ass. That's what I finally can only dream! Fuck most coveted ass girls at our school! So, I came up behind her, and slowly began to introduce his cock in her ass. He was part of a fairly heavy, it was very crowded, but I continued to go to her ass, in the meantime she cried wildly:
- Come on! Fuck me in the ass! I want to feel your flesh inside his priests!
These words I very excited, after I am completely immersed in her ass, I began to move. With every passing second, I accelerated, and now, after a while I dolblyu her ass with full force, and she moans wildly. At this rate, I soon finished in her ass and she screaming orgasm! Then I pulled my dick out of it, we both got dressed, I said goodbye to her, and went home!
After that we had been friends, and meet! This is how!