The school toilets

The subject we knew perfectly well, so a huge thank you to her. But nobody has ever seen Magma smiling or in a good mood. Such a strict aunt was. Under 40 years, powerfully built figure, chest buffer back - feed. Do not go swimming. Caravel! Word of the bomb in all respects.
One day I stayed after school a little longer, because have not yet decided whether to go to the toilet before you go (sorry for the intimate details). For more insight to inform you that there was a door leading to the pantry, where the cleaning lady kept their inventory doors between male and female toilets.
So, coming out of this institution, I heard around the corner of the corridor steps Grenadier, undoubtedly belonging to Magma. Without knowing why, I automatically jumped, it seemed to me, back into the room the men's room, but it was cleaner closet, somehow unlocked. Steps approached, and had nowhere to go. I calmed down in a dark room, trying not to breathe. Trying to find their way in the pitch darkness, I saw a beam of light emanating from a hole in the wall. I clung to his eye and saw the hall ... the ladies' room. Again perverts - I thought.
But it was not possible to get bored. A minute later, I saw the magma. I watched through the hole, what will happen next. Magma stopped at the sill, took out a cigarette and lit it. The first time I saw her calm and balanced. After a while other steps were heard in the corridor. Magma noticeably quickened. Assuming that the school has no one, she behaved calmly. The door to the ladies' room opened slightly, and I clearly saw, how to guard Vasily Petrovich went. Intelligence he was a bit cheated, but in physical form was still at least somewhere. Now, distracting from his person, and listen to what happened next.
Magma on the move grabbed Uncle Vasya and pulled him into a corner, just once in front of the hole in the plywood partition, so that I could clearly see what is happening ...
Magma unbuttoned her blouse, bra size nth, and all the wealth fell out before the clear the eyes of Uncle Vasya. His face formed a foolish smile, and his eyes lit up semi-wild fire. Having plenty to see enough, and making sure that a member of Uncle Vasya decent Provocation, Magma turned 180 degrees. Lifted her skirt (Lord, she even took off her panties previously!), She wagged her plump white ass, inviting Uncle Vasya quickly get to work. Feeling back Storozhev Dubinushka (compensates for brains?), Impatience beginning to push her as embarrassingly wet slit. Gizmo tumbled to its full length and Magma loudly and passionately moaned. Uncle Bob worked as a tractor, panting and drooling scattering. Back teacher shuddered powerfully to the beat multiple orgasms. Uncle Bob sawed without stopping. I have twice finished in the pants, and he worked and worked as a proletarian, who has nothing to lose but their chains.
Finally, Magma has calmed down. Catching his breath, Uncle Vasya pulled his soaking wet and slippery drin, but magma is not turning around, grabbed the still warm dick and sent it to the hole a little higher. I almost did not finish the third time, watching this thing inching included in the teacher's ass.
And racing resumed. It was something !!! Teacher wagged her ass, yelling with pleasure. Finally Uncle Vasya gave up. The finish was impressive throughout his body shuddering power, he repeatedly took his sperm portion by portion in this gorgeous hole until sperm began to flow out in streams.
I looked at the face prosvetlevshee teacher. Who would have seen her like this? ..
That evening I first left the school through a window. Fortunately, it was the first floor.
But now there are no problems. If you urgently need the erection, I recall the case and my fighter is ready to work!