Summer camp. Second day

In the morning Dennis woke buddy who hastily packed bag. Dennis stood up and helped gather Vadik, then followed him to the bus and wished success, Vadim smiled maliciously, and climbed into the bus, waved Denis.
Denis did not know what to do until the evening, I walked around the whole camp, played with the kids in volleyball, swim in the "general" beach, where the children splashing in the water, much younger than him.
Well people his age was a much less than desirable. Basically his peers came to the bus and Olin lived in another house. Dennis was upset when he learned of the beauty - a counselor that no discos temporarily due to equipment malfunctions. Before leaving Vadik, Dennis found out that girls come to your beach during children's disco, and then collected and go to an adult, which starts at 10 pm. Dennis really wanted to go to the disco, where he hoped to meet Olga and enjoy it there. Although it does not come without a bra, yet Denis really wanted to look at it, for sure it will be safe wearing. It may even be able to dance with her, if you have the courage to ask her out. Today he had seen Olga Nastya at breakfast, and she even smiled at him, or his ... Or just seemed ... Olga was in the same skirt and Denis once again considered her beautiful long legs, but today was Nastya shorts, which also seemed to Denis worthy of attention. Denis was looking forward to the evening, and looked a little TV after dinner, I was about to leave, when a knock at the door. Denis opened and saw a Light, it seemed to him taller when they first met ...
- How was your holiday? - She asked cheerfully.
- Good.
Denis could smell her perfume, and he almost felt dizzy. Light watched with interest for Denis, who only looked from her breasts, hidden only orange a topic without a bra (Dennis knew that the bra is not there. Because clearly saw two papillae boldly protruding from under the clothes, just as at Oli in a bathing suit ...) on her shapely legs in a denim skirt with a slit. Light sat on a chair, his legs crossed, so that Dennis caught a glimpse of her orange panties. She was not going to leave, probably because she is tired of coddling the children, and Dennis seemed to her a worthy interlocutor. They chatted merrily, and the guy did not feel uncomfortable in the sights of delightful breasts. The knock on the door, Dennis was about to rise, as the Light got up quickly and opened. On the eve of the table the guy twenty years.
- And, hey, Dima ... You have already released?
- Yes, Svetik. And how are you? - He embraced the Light of the waist, and they left the room.
- So far, Dennis. I will not disturb you anymore, rest. If anything, I'm in room 201.
- Well, ... Svetlana Alexandrovna - forced Denis. He felt acute envy that guy who can so easily touch to this beauty.
Dennis sat for another ten minutes, thinking about the light, then closed the door, opened the window and climbed out.
The guy sat for half an hour in the bushes, but no one appeared, though Vadim had warned him that this, too, sometimes. Denis was looking forward Olu Nastya. That was a noise in the distance.
"Hooray, Olga returned, - Denis thought."
But it was not Olga and Anastasia, and three strangers Dennis girls.
"The class of ninth-tenth - he thought."
The girls obviously knew about this place and walked purposefully it here.
- Everything came - said low girl in a green dress.
One of her friends was dressed in crimson pants and the same jacket (Denis remembered seeing her on the playground the day of arrival), the other - very little in appearance (perhaps only in the ninth grade went) in a white short shirt and white skirt . This trinity Denis liked, especially that little blonde. What a lovely her face!
The girls spread out blankets, which brought in a bag girl in a green dress, and began to undress. First released on clothes girl in a dress, pulling it down on the blanket. Swimsuit was too green, it is a pity that closed. Do not you see ... What will be charged, what is not. The second has already got rid of blouse and leaned booty Denis, took off shorts. The same black swimsuit like Nastia - and the priest is closed, and the nipple does not shine ...
- Olya, how could you forget the swimsuit at home? - I asked the older (in a closed bathing suit) in young blonde.
- I do not know - she replied in frustration - but here because no one will come, right?
- Will not come. It's a safe place, far from the camp ... There is no kids. So you can undress, if you bathe, - said the elder (as it is called himself Dennis) and went to the water, which has already splashed her friend.
Olenka (Olga - a high, with large breasts, which Olenka) stood on the blanket and also his back to Denis, pulled down a narrow white skirt. After removing her to her knees, she paused to adjust the white (normal, not hair!) Panties, which slid to the middle of the priests, and the two halves slightly revealing her beautiful place. Against the background of her ass tanned body looked very clear and sexy, and Denis almost cursed out loud, cursing her plavochek stiffness of gum that does not give quite the fall.
- Where are you?
- I'm going! - Olenka cried, and in panties and T-shirt (which she did not become a shoot) ran to the water.
Girls long splashing, and then I looked out the bright sun and the elder said:
- Let's go to the beach, we warm ourselves ...
- I'm a little more to buy - Olya said.
Two girls got out of the water and lay down on the blanket. Dennis stared after them, mainly the one that was in a black bathing suit, her ass relief hump lying on a blanket.
- Not afraid to be ugly tan? - She turned to the Elder.
- No, I do not like to sunbathe ...
- And I just love it! And the location is good - with these words, they got up on his elbows on the blanket, and asked her to undo the clasp Elder swimsuit.
She agreed, and now the owner of a black leotard stayed in shorts, for a brief moment Denis showing his untanned breasts with brown nipples, and lay down on his stomach, arms stretched along the body. Denis, once again, swallowed.
Here, apparently nakupavshis, Olenka came ashore, and Denis just stunned! Its beacon and panties were wet from the water and now shone! He saw Olenka breast (and not as it is too small!), Then looked down below and saw the body stuck to the little panties, through which shone a black triangle between her legs. Olenka lay down next to the girl (who was in shorts), and said that that would be a nice tan, swimsuit lyamochek from almost invisible.
- Yeah, - he smiled the elder.
- What? - Outraged that. - Tanned body, it's beautiful! You know, boys will be playing in the school! Especially Sasha! Yes, and you, Olga, take off your shirt - let dry!
- Well, I have the same underneath it there is nothing!
- So what? Who will see? No one is not! Or do we hesitate? Lights up while the sun is!
- No, do not hesitate ... - said Olenka, holding the edge of t-shirts, pulled her up.
While Olenka rid of clinging to the body of beacons, Denis enough seen enough of her maiden firmer breasts with pink nipples, which swayed to the beat of her movements. Finally, she took it and went to the bushes to hang the shirt to dry. Denis with a twinkle in his eyes watching her, and now he could see the side of her breast. Such a beautiful, milky-white breasts so attracted his attention. Olenka hung on the branches of a T-shirt, he turned to Denis and went back to the girls. Staying near the blankets, Olga held pens in their ass and noticed that her panties wet gathered in the fold. She slid her fingers under the elastic of panties and straightened them into his seductive ass. Then Olga lay down on the blanket. Denis was very grateful that she lies on her back, in contrast to the girlfriend. Now Denis could examine her breasts without effort, undisguised top cloth. He watched as her little pink nipples to the sides when she breathes. He watched and rejoiced. Here is the rest! In this he was not even expected! The girls were silent for some time, Dennis was sitting in the bush for more than two hours, his body numb. But he did not even think about how to leave this wonderful place. Yes, and his movement could not go unnoticed. Here Elder said:
- As well as here ... Well, our teacher was out today. Home can not rush.
- I saw him leaving with the girl. The girl - the teacher from a nearby camp. Sveta seems to be called, - said second (the one in the black bathing suit). - Rimma said that they went to the movies. She Dima on good terms.
- Yes ... Dima - beautiful, - she said dreamily older.
- You do not get it - grinned the second - he loves tanned, and you white as snow!
- How do you know that? - Offended older.
- Rima said. They even, like, friends with him first. Then he began to meet with Sveta.
- What do you care about this Dima? - His voice Olenka, - it is not just today, we are better, we will go even swim. See how the sun shines! Soon after the fall comes in the fall do not sunbathe ...
- Come on, - I have agreed to Elder.
She got up and walked to the water, went to her Olenka, Denis demonstrating his delicious ass, panties though it was quite dry, but still a spectacle worthy of attention.
- You go, Kate? - Asked Olga in second (Katya - that's her name!).
Is Kate and whether it will suit first swimsuit Denis was very interesting to go.
- Yeah. Now I go.
Kate rolled onto her back, and Denis was finally able to appreciate her breast! High, ripe, as the two halves of an orange with sticking to the sides brown nipples. She sat on a blanket with his back to him, then reached out and stood, adjusting the heat. A hair's breadth as it did recently Olya with his fingers under the elastic band and circular motions, straightened their body. From this procedure a little panties slid down, revealing a white strip of untanned body, but Kate quickly corrected them and ran to the shore.
Denis took advantage of the absence of girls and changed position, squatting. Girlfriends splashing in the water, and Denis all eyes devoured the Olin, the Katina chest and still could not decide which is better for older he does not pay attention - she even dressed not like the beach, but as the dining room for breakfast! The beach had no breeze, and the sun again vyglyanuvshee, led by Denis creep a little closer, where there was the shadow of the tall bushes.
- Everything will go sunbathing! - I shouted older and went to the beach.
- Lena, you are strongly Zagora in a swimsuit! - Podzadorilo her Kate.
- And I'm not to blame, that I had no other - offended Lena (so her name - Lena.)
- Do you like Olga sunbathe!
- So Olga even in swimming trunks, and I'm in a swimsuit!
- You do nude sunbathe! I too think undress completely! No one is there, and if someone will go, we will hear and have time to get dressed.
- Ol, what do you think?
- I do not know. If the sun is so, then later, when come to school, we get undressed on physical examination, and all we are jealous of, in our city there is no place!
- Exactly! - Katya caught.
- Okay - Lena said, and stood up on the blanket.
She took hold of the straps leotard and start shooting him. Denis felt so excited! First appeared very much white Lena chest, then stomach (oh, how beautiful it is!), Then the hip line, semicircular converging to the place where Denis had long wanted to see. Finally, Lena is completely freed from the leotard and stepped through it. Denis clearly saw triangle of hair, curly girl between legs. Her body under the bathing suit was so white that her breast and pubis even more attracted attention. Lena turned to Denis backwards (it stared at her ass, less rounded, but broader than that of her friends) and shouted:
- How long are you there? Now the sun goes down!
This cry is well acted on Olya and Katya - those running rushed ashore. Denis all looked from their bouncing breasts, then on the ass of Lena. Oli soaked panties again, and as Dennis crept closer, he could still take a closer look at the precious delta under a transparent white cloth. Lena had already settled on the blanket, she sat down next to Kate. Then Katya lay down on his back and lifting his legs high in the air, freed from the panties. Then he rolled over on his stomach (Dennis caught a glimpse of her treasured place) and shouted Ole, who still swarmed near the shore:
- Ol, what are you stuck?
- Leg something ill. Dislocated, probably ... But, like, it does not hurt.
- Ol how undress, hang up, please, and our belongings on the branches, right? Reluctance to go home in wet shorts!
Olenka went to the girls and picked up their belongings. Then he went to the side of the bushes, where Denis was sitting. The guy was seriously scared, really noticed ?! But his fears were unfounded. Olga came so close that Denis from his position could only see her legs from the bottom to the waist. She was very close! Denis stopped. The girl went to the bush and hung on its branches Lenin swimsuit, then Katya's panties and top. Dennis could not see her hands, he saw only her slender legs with a smooth, soft skin stand on tiptoes. Branches no longer sway, and saw Dennis Oli pens that took up her gum plavochek. Everything happened at a distance of not more than a meter from his eyes! Panties began to gradually descend, exposing quite yet little black hairs on the pubic Oli. Dennis noticed not only the hairs, but also that, where does the triangle of hair was gone, and there was little pink slit. Oli panties fell to the ground, and she stepped through them, bent down to pick them up. Before Denis flashed her alluring chest, he barely restrained so as not to touch them. Olga panties hung up and went to the girls. When she walked three meters, Denis saw her strong bare ass without panties. Ah, these sleek halves! Yes, you will not see this in the school locker room, how many do not try!
Denis was lying and watching three totally naked girls who were not even aware of his presence. Thirty minutes later, they again went to the water, gleaming with his bare ass. Dennis looked at this spectacle, and when they wandered into the water, gently began to crawl away into the bushes. Suddenly, when they return to the clothing, will notice it. What then? He was even afraid to imagine! His still small shaken by what he saw of the evening, especially on what he saw at Oli so close! He crawled five meters and lay down on the grass. It's late, getting dark, the girls must zasobiralas home soon, and it is high time. Suddenly the teacher - Light it enough? He quietly lying on the ground and suddenly heard someone approaching, and, apparently, begins to take off their clothes from the bushes. But Dennis did not have the courage to stand up and take another look at naked girls.
- All go. And then it's too late, suddenly, Dima has already returned? - He heard Lena.
Girls rustling bags, collecting blankets. Dennis waited.
- Olya, shoes faster! - Kate shrieked.
- Now! - She replied nervously.
The guy still lay in the bushes twenty minutes to be sure not to accidentally catch up with the girls on the way to the camp. The street was getting dark, and finally, a cool breeze blew. Denis took a deep breath, stood up and looked around carefully. The legs tingled because he spent so much time in a stationary position.
"We have to go into the house, - Denis thought, but then broke the silence ringing girlish laughter."
Dennis bent over and looked in the direction of the sound rang out. Now he had clearly heard the voices of two people - a guy and a girl. Her voice seemed familiar to him. The pair came closer. Oh, so it was his teacher - the beauty of the Light and her friend Dima, who called on him today! Well, that light is also not in the camp, and, hence, no one would look for him! Light Dima came to a clearing, where just bathed the girls. They stopped and kissed Dennis crept closer and watched as the hand of Denis Light strokes lower back. As much as he wanted to be in his place! Light pulled away gently and sweetly laughed.
- Dim, something cold ... How are we going to go swimming?
- Let dissolve a fire?
- And no one will see that we are here? - Worried Light.
- Who can see it? All have gone to bed. I'll go so far to collect firewood.
While Dima climbed through the bushes in search of firewood, Dennis sat and saw the light. In the evening she was wearing black jeans and a black blouse, so that the look was not much to see. Dennis watched her face. Painted lips stood out brightly in the twilight. Light sat and sang something fun.
Dima came back to the wood, and skillfully (with one match!) Built a fire. Light took out a large blanket bag and spread it around the campfire. Dima sat on it, attracted the Light and began to kiss her again. Light is something sweetly whispered him. Denis crept even closer, and now he was not afraid that he might miss. It was dark, except that Dima will come up for firewood, so there's a lot of them near the fire more ... Dima broke from the lips of light and put it on a blanket, then placed side by side and began to kiss her face, neck, and then down below and began to kiss strip naked abdomen, located between the blouse and jeans. Light lay there moaning. Dennis watched the full action of Dima and more envied him.
- More ... - moaned Light.
Dima lifted up blouse light and sight Denis opened the white lace bra. Light (very!) She took off her blouse and threw it away. Fire erupted allowed Denis to see everything to the smallest detail. Then Dima unzipped jeans and perched between the legs of Amy, pulled them. Under the jeans were the same white lace panties. Denis crept even closer, so that certainly did not miss anything. Light guy started kissing again, but she sat up a little, and unfastened the clasp of her bra, I lay down again. Dima lowered shoulder strap bra with Amy, took it and threw in the direction of the blouse. Dennis could not believe my eyes! What a great, beautiful breasts! And what big, sharp nipples! Dima began to kiss one breast, placing in the mouth completely nipple, and the other hand to caress. Light moaned even louder, moving his body movements to meet Dima. Dennis realized that the Light is very nice, and she wants to Dima did not stop kissing her breasts. But Dima somehow stopped and looked light in his eyes, kissed her again on the lips, then neck, then ran his tongue over his chest and stopped at the navel. Light breathed heavily, closed her eyes and raised her ass over with a blanket. Dima put his hand at the bottom and squeezed it a little soft spot, from which she was delighted and pushes the pelvis. The guy pulled out from under her hand and took hold of the edge of her panties. Denis now sees her treasured triangle! Dima slightly lowered panties and kissed the opened position, and then repeated his actions. And finally, taking one hand Light waist, the other pulled off her panties. Dennis sat and stared at the bare light. And she had absolutely no hair there! Dennis heard that adult women shave this place. Now he knew why! It all looks so much more beautiful and more openly. Dima spread Amy legs apart and began to kiss her pink slit! Denis saw was moaning and writhing Light. He too wanted so fondle the girl. Dima kissed and sucked her cunt, not ceasing until the light screamed and her body started strongly bend. Then shiver went through him.
"That's probably a thrill - Denis thought -. Dima - a master so I'd like to know!"
- As well ... - Light whispered.
Dima quickly shake off your clothes. Denis saw how big Dima member, before he could shove his light between your legs. The boy had never had sex, and have never seen such a spectacle live (on TV is not at all ...). Dima moved his hips back and forth, and Light was moaning loudly and biting his ear. Dima suddenly rolled onto his back and sat on top of the Light. Now Denis see where it lost a member of Dima, in that same slot, which until then caressed Dima. Large breasts Amy jumped to the beat of their movements, which are becoming faster and faster. Then he cried Light and Dima exhaled air, and a couple of exhausted collapsed on the blanket. For a time they were silent, and Dennis sat and admired the naked body of light. Then she said:
- Dim, let's go home and iskupnemsya. Because I, too, can lose. Sometimes the senior teacher comes to check, and time is twelve. Can anything suspicious ...
Wow! But Dennis had no idea that their teachers also checked! Dima got up from the blanket, and took the Light in his arms, carried her to the water. That somehow laughed. They swam completely naked, without embarrassment to anyone. Yes, and who they were ashamed of, except that Dennis, the existence of which they had no idea. Denis from behind the bushes watching this couple, Dima and then swam to the light and kissed her on the lips and neck. Finally they got to the shore. While Dima dragged out of the lake water in a plastic bottle to put out the fire, the light began to dress. She got up on the blanket and lifted from the ground his underwear. Strange, but Denis was anxious to see how she will dress. He had never seen such. Previous trio of girls dressed as he lay quietly in the bushes, afraid to even raise his head. Light took her weightless white panties and bra and stuffed them into the bag, then there is gone, and the blanket on which they are just doing it! Denis thought of Light for some reason decided to put others panties and bra, although like and they were to be completely dry. She bathed naked! Then she picked up her jeans and pulled them over his naked body, black smooth fabric is now hid her large ass, then she put on her blouse, in front of which immediately become apparent large nipples. Dima has already managed to extinguish the fire and fully dressed.
- Come on, pipsqueak ... - he breathed.
The pair has retreated from Denis at a good distance, and he waited until his eyes adjusted to the darkness, gently moved them. It is impossible to light before he returned to the camp! Denis overtook a couple making a decent lap and, having reached his house, quietly slipped out of the window. Then, quickly undressed and lay down on the bed. He could not sleep for a long time, lying on his back with his eyes open and repeatedly to scroll in memory seen an hour ago.
An hour later, he was fast asleep, and he dreamed of naked light that kissed him and kept asking to kiss her crack.

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