End of the day ..

It was a normal working day. And like any business day during the week, it ended at 18:00 .. On the one hand, the work was still, on the other hand, do not want it. But there is a third party - to go home did not want to. Igor did not hurry. He slowly cleaned the table, examining papers, throwing trash .. Gradually, the office was empty. Igor opened the browser on your computer.

"I wonder" - he thought - "they've blocked my favorite website or not?". The company carried out a company exit bans on websites that distract from the work. The list of blocked sites discovered some well-known porn sites, social networks and then go online shopping, with online sites and other toys .. Igor downloaded program that hid his address in the office network. You can now log into the site, which he liked a large collection of various videos.

The very first video that caught his eye in the list, he felt itching in the penis. His handsome woke up and began to show signs of life. Igor unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his penis. His further excited the fact that it was in the office. He even liked to present himself the boss, which elegant and diligent young secretary sucks. He at the same time sitting in a chair, and she sits on the floor in front of him almost under the table. Naturally, the top buttons of her white blouse and unbuttoned the top of the visible lace bra. She caresses the hand member and when he finally hardens, gently takes her lips opened head and starts to suck, lick, kiss, periodically thrusting it deep enough.

This picture brought Igor in great excitement, and he earned more energetic. Of course, it would not be good in the office, and on the bed with a slender beauty of the house and fuck her for a long time and all the holes, but the parents ... They spoil the whole picture. The apartment is small and cramped and there Igor could not retire ... Now he is sitting at work with his pants unbuttoned, on the screen picturesquely blond rolls his eyes when muscular mulatto vigorously fucks her standing between the raised, moved apart and knees bent legs. Red shoes on a terribly large platform and high heels contrast with her black stockings. Silicone breasts moved in time with the movements of a young handsome man, whose hard and big dick sometimes enters the frame.

Suddenly he heard a noise in the corridor, stopped and listened. Igor was distracted and his cock began to fade, reduced in size. He quickly buttoned his trousers, stood up and, trying not to make a noise, I looked out into the corridor. The hallway was empty, but the door to the office was open and there was someone. In this small-sized room it was equipped with something like food. Here it was possible to make tea, coffee, warm something in the microwave, and refrigerator stood.

Looking into the doorway, I saw Igor quite young, unknown woman who was wiping the work surface near the sink. medium-length hair behind were collected in a thick tail, which ranged in time with the movements of women. She was dressed in a T-shirt and knitted pants length to mid-calf, which they cover her ass. They are very stressed her figure, and especially those of concern to the line from which Igor kept his eyes. He submitted that there are two beautiful hidden holes that would very much come to his penis. From such thoughts mound, protruding from his trousers increased significantly.

Here she felt his presence. Walking down the hallway, she saw that Igor was in the office and noticed what he was doing there. The door was ajar and just this opening was visible Igor table. She then just quietly went down the hall and began cleaning the kitchenette. Marya Nikolaevna, an elderly worker in the company asked her to replace it once, because most had to stay at home after calling the ambulance in the afternoon. The pressure she was great and she asked a neighbor to remove the office Irina. The work of Maria Nikolaevna treasured, always made her very carefully and accurately and, most importantly, she did not want to lose this job. Irene was free that evening and went to meet the request of a neighbor.

And now, she stood with a rag in his hand, and in the doorway of the room stood a young man with a very prominent hill in the pants. It was exciting. In any case, in this situation, Irina did not feel embarrassment, it was not even funny. As a kind of adventure. Moreover, it is casual man and once again will not come here. This effect on the young man, who may not be suited to her sons, but he was much younger than her, has brought her. Sex, she had for a long time and the impact on the young man aroused her well ..

Without saying a word, she let down her hair, which fell loosely over her shoulders. Then pulled a T-shirt. Crimson bra emphasized her breasts. When the T-shirt is no longer close her body, knitwear covered hips became even hotter. The front between the legs pretty similar to the slot allocated a place that can excite any man.

- Well, get at her boyfriend? Come on, boasting how did you get it! - Were the first words of Irina uttered after she undid her bra clasp and took it off. But especially he did not have to brag. On the trousers stood out a dark spot just at the site of the penis.

- ABOUT! Yes, you, kid, perevozbudilsya. - Ira said, realizing what had happened. - That is now exactly, it is necessary to get it. - With these words, she went to Igor and unzipped his pants. Indeed, Igor pants were wet. He threw the first portion of sperm. An erection is not yet fully passed, but a member of the sluggishness was already visible.

- Oh, you poor thing, my! - Ira said, referring not to Igor and his cock. - Let me kiss you!

Then something happened that Igor imagined before. Only with the only difference being that he was not the boss and his cock licking not blonde secretary, and a hell of a seductive, with brown hair beautiful, cleaner, which he saw for the first time.

After some time, thanks to the efforts of Irene, his penis again began to gain strength, straightened, strengthened and hardened. He was ready to take further action. Igor grew bolder, Irina pulled a chair that was in the room. He sat down himself, and then sat on his lap Irina. Her chest was just near his lips. And of course, the same Igor took in his mouth nipple, feeling it harden. Irina moaned. She felt a hard object on which sat an impact on the nipple given to the abdomen.

Then Igor put his hand into her panties, which were still on her and began stroking her pussy, occasionally falling on the clitoris, adding excitement. After a while, these caresses his finger went on, feeling the wet vagina. Once inside, Igor fingers began stroking the front wall of her vagina. Irina moaned louder. Then she took his hand and pulled out of the pants, stood up, took off the remnants of his clothes and left naked committed. Igor was breathing hard, his cock sticking firmly and confidently. Irina went back to back, spread her legs and sat on the protruding member, giving him a little hand. The vagina was very wet and the member entered easily.

Leisurely Irina ass beginning of the movement. Member entered deeply and she felt it in the farthest corners. Her chest was just on his lips level and when it periodically stops the movement, his mouth found her nipple, squeezing it, squeezed. Then he sucked it up and was given a good feeling throughout the body. The mutual excitement grew and Irina moved faster and faster. Her moans grew louder as orgasm swept over it, then it is no longer held back and screamed. She arched spasm of vaginal muscles squeezed cock and cum splashed inside. Igor roared at this moment. Her moan and growl sounded in unison. She continued to move, and the second wave of orgasm swept through her body. Sperm was not much, but Irina could feel it inside, and when she stood up, releasing member, a certain amount of liquid she felt on her feet.

Igor was sitting with his pants down and his eyes closed. He was still worried about the consequences of an orgasm. Feet and hands obeyed badly, his head slightly bursting. Perhaps the kind of sex he has ever been, especially in advance, he fantasized his fantasy become a reality, but the truth is not in the form in which it is represented. Damn sexy secretaries with silicone - long live the simple cleaner!