Summer camp. The first day

The bus stopped on the large square in front of the children's camp, where Denis was to spend the next two weeks. Behind I left school, home, and his best friends, but Denis did not miss. He has already passed school exams, passed well, for parents and bought him a ticket to the summer camp. Denis has never been in such a place, though many of his friends told how fun is here.
He had finished the ninth grade and felt quite adult, though the anticipation of relaxing on the beach, disco and games on the playground brought him true joy of children!
But most of all Denis is not interested in swimming in the warm clear water and not "childish" games and relay races. He, in his 14 years, gave the greatest pleasure to watch the bathers girls thought which never left him.
"With this show there will not be any problems - Denis thought when he saw stopped next to a bus that had just brought new travelers".
bus doors opened and out rushed a crowd of children. First on the site chosen children much younger than Dennis, who shouted loudly discussing something between themselves. Denis they are not interested, he stood and waited for the appearance of the girls. Such beautiful girls! Something recently they care about it very much ... kids have already met the teacher and calm them down, took the house on the lake. Denis spent their lazy eyes and turned to the side of the bus. At the door there was a pretty girl his age, who, stretching, get out. Little dark, tan pants and light beacon, which was stretched tight embossed chest of a stranger, a real beauty! That's the next girl ... The older Denis, at least at first glance. A tall, beautiful blonde, with a beautiful face and plump lips narrow white shorts (oh what an ass!) And in a pink tank top. And here is the third ...
- Guys come here, - he heard a voice.
This voice had their teacher, also of exceptional beauty young girl in a denim skirt and a black blouse. Dennis frowned and walked behind her. The girl named Svetlana, at school everyone would call it just the light.
"I was lucky with the teacher - Denis thought - I wonder where she bathed, but also not to ask herself about it ...?"
Light (as it is called himself Dennis) led them into the house. Location of future housing very much Denis, lacking only the people of his age, with his school have gone for some reason only kids. The room turned out to be 3-seater, in each of which there was even a TV! Light left him there and asked him to wait until she is satisfied with the little ones. Denis threw the bag on the floor and went to the window. Well, not bad ... Very near the lake and the playground just outside the window. There are definitely great! It remains yet to meet someone, but it's not such a problem - the terms of a lot of people, and Dennis was a sociable guy and easy to go on contact.
Here on the site it appeared the company of girls, one of them holding a volleyball. The girls quickly divided into two teams and started playing. Denis intently watched them play, but not at the ball, but for the players themselves. Ten girls in shorts and beacons! They ran, bent over their breasts gently swaying to the beat of their movements. The sight was simply spectacular! Denis could stand here forever, but then there was a knock on the door and entered the room light with some guy.
- It Vadik. Your new neighbor. I hope, make friends, - she said, and smiled sweetly. - Well, I'm gone, and you are to sit back ...
Vadik turned out gay kid, and make friends with him was not difficult. An hour later, they were having fun talking and Denis thought he knew Vadik, almost from childhood. Vadim said that there is already the second week and goes home tomorrow. He shared experiences, and even promised to show one evening a "secret" place, about which, he claimed, did not know the guy in the whole camp. And how Dennis was not tortured, he never admitted that this place. After dinner, Denis and Vadim agreed to meet in the room. Dennis quickly ate and looked forward to the emergence Vadik. That it much intrigued with stories of "secret" place. Then his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps outside the door, Dennis got out of bed and opened it.
- Well, that place? - Denis casually asked, pretending that he is completely indifferent.
Vadim smiled broadly.
- A place? Average secret location. Girly beach! They say that they sometimes bathe naked there, but I have never seen ... Maybe you'll have better luck.
Denis's eyes lit up.
- What does naked ?!
- I do not know ... I'm telling you - he did not see. But there, and so there is something to see, - said Vadim and winked.
- Well, shall we go?
- It's too early. There's no one ... Later.
Vadim lay on the bed, and soon fell asleep. But Denis still can not sleep, he imagined a beach full of naked girls bathing together with their teacher - light. Denis has started to doze, his shoulder touched Vadik:
- Denis, get up. Ave the fun!
Denis, after these words, the dream vanished. He quickly got up and dressed.
The street was getting dark, but it did not matter. If the girls come to swim, the water will just be suitable. Friends silently got out of the house through a window (well, one-story house), and headed toward the lake.
- Go far? - Dennis asked.
- Long away. Just quietly. Then go in silence.
Dennis shook his head and realized that Vadim did not see his gesture. They crept quietly to the lake, and Vadim waved, indicating that they need to get to the opposite shore.
- There's a nice place - Vadim whispered, - near the bushes thick.
Guys quietly walked the lake and finally reached the cherished bushes. Conveniently located there at a safe distance from the coast, Vadim gently parted the branches. On the beach there was no one ... Dennis sighed in frustration.
- So what?
- But wait you have to come soon ...
Only Vadim said it sounded like a girl's laughter. On the meadow, muffled overgrown bushes, came the two girls. Dennis immediately recognized them, they went first to the bus a few hours ago. Blonde, who was in shorts, are now clothed in a denim skirt and a blouse with long sleeves. And her friend, a dark tanned brunette dressed in the same clothes in which both arrived. The girls stopped and listened. Denis Vadim even stopped breathing.
- Like, here, - said the blonde.
- I do not know, Ol, we're here not there.
- Do you think Julia spoke about another place? She explained to us clearly, where you can safely swim and sunbathe. I'm tired of these stupid boys ...
- And then they do not appear?
- Do not be afraid about this place no one knows! You can easily change ...
- So I was in a bathing suit (guys disappointed swallowed ...), - the brunette said.
- Well, all the more, Anastasia ... Then you have nothing to fear at all - Olga said, and reached for a packet, which she brought with her.
Nastya pulled over the edge of the beacons and got rid of it altogether. The boys spotted a black top, tight-fitting chest. Wow! Anastasia took off his shoes and stood on a towel that had spread Olya, facing directly to the guys ( "Well, they can not see us - thought Denis"). Nastya undid the buttons of his fly on, then the lock and pulled the pants on the ground. Oh, what legs, what an ass! Nastia turned to face her friend.
- Why are not you undress?
- Now, I find a swimsuit.
Olga pulled out of the bag a pink top and threw it on the towel. Then, following the examples of the present, she took off her blouse and hung it on a bush. Under the blouse boys saw a white bra, which is tightly sitting on quite a grown breasts. Olga took off his shoes and stood up on the towel too. The boys stared at her - a beautiful blonde, tall girl standing in front of them in a short skirt and a white bra. Olya undid the belt skirt, and she fell to her feet, revealing a narrow almost nothing hiding panties - thongs. Olga turned to the boys butt and they froze ... That's her ass! Look, I do not want! It can be seen all the way! Behind her panties are thin pink ribbon! Olga bent relish sticking out his ass, and picked up a towel thrown her pink top. Then again, for some reason, he turned to face the boys and shook his hand. Men have noticed that this top took the matter no more than shorts - two small triangles and the same pink ribbon. And as soon as these triangles will cover her impressive chest? Olya clamped top between her legs and put his hands behind his back, Tinkering a little, she undid her bra, and he fell on her skirt. Now it was only in bathing shorts, her pretty resilient, untanned breasts with protruding nipples staring right at guys. Wow! Olga raised her arms up and stretched, causing her breasts as it fell, but became even more sexy!
- Well, are you going to swim? - Nastya asked.
- Now let's go.
Olga took her top, rolled him backwards, so that the clasp was in the front. Buttoning lock, she opened it, put straps on the shoulders and straightened her pink leotard triangle on his chest. Though triangles were small, but for some reason they just hid the beauty of bare chest.
- Nastya, tie me, please tightly behind swimsuit ...
Nastya came over and pulled the swimsuit, then Olya became noticeably stand out from beneath the nipple tissue. Olga laughed and ran to the lake, once again demonstrating Denis Vadik and his wonderful ass. Nastya rushed after her. While the girls swam, guys intently watching them.
- That's good luck! - I whispered Vadim Denisov - how many times have been here, never seen anything like it. What is this chest Oli! Just Otpad! And the ass ..! I'm sorry I'm leaving tomorrow. Lucky as you behold ... More ...
- Yes ... - Denis swallowed. - Let's wait. When they nakupalis Olya again show us their breasts! This is the place!
But guys expectations are not met, somewhere in half an hour the girls got to the shore and began to gather. Nastya wiped with a towel and pulled the panties and beacons. Olya also dried herself, put on brief skirt, and reached for the jacket hanging on a bush. Men stood in anticipation, but Olga put her swimsuit top and bra hidden in a bag. Once again, looking around, the girls went to the camp.
Denis with a friend waited another half an hour, but no one came. They silently emerged from the bushes and zasobiralis home. Houses guys for a long time discussing what happened today, then turned on the TV, and an hour later Dennis heard a snuffle Vadik, then he lay down, but sleep for a long time did not go to him.

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