Yulia's tales

My brother was very dear to his bike, and of course he tried in every way to wriggle out of a gambling debt, but his friends were clearly determined to get what they should. I felt that soon there will be a fight and decided to intervene in their dispute!
- Guys, do not quarrel, we'll think of something!
- And there is nothing to think about! Once lost, then pay by!
- And how much is the bike?
- Well, the mower 3 is probably worth it! What's the difference! I do not need money! I played on the bike and get it!
- And I want to offer a different form of retribution?
- What? - Curiously I asked Victor, a friend of my brother.
- I can take in my mouth ... You. - I said blushing with shame.
There was a silent pause. Victor smiled slyly and said:
- But for that kind of money, which is the bike, you can even become my slave !!!
- Do you want it?
- Of course I want!
- I agree to be your slave for 2 weeks.
- That's agreed! I love business.
My brother, began to be indignant and try to dissuade me, but the decision was made!

Sweet mouth.

Victor interrupted dialogue with my brother:
- Well. Let's start for otoyd¸m out of those bushes?
At this point, my brother, seeing my determination is desperate to convince me and left.
I and 3 guys went to the big acacia bushes growing nearby.
Victor said, unbuttoning his pants:
- Stand on your knees! I want to try out your mouth.
I obeyed him. Kneeling in front of his standing member, I asked:
- Where want to finish my master in her mouth or face?
Victor laughed and said that he wanted to finish on my face.
I grabbed a pen and a member of Viktor smoothly introduced himself in the mouth. I sucked and looked him in the eye. Victor put my hands on her head.
When I felt that he would soon be over, I again grabbed his hand and began to masturbate a member of it on his face! Six powerful shot sperm squirted me in the face, lips, nose, neck: His sperm flowed down his neck and soaked my favorite pink topic.
Victor coolly wiped the stained sperm member of my hair.
I stood in front of him on his knees and looked up at him. Victor forbade me to wipe the face of the clots of his sperm.

Girl in rent.

I turned my head back and saw his two other wanker.
Victor asked the boys:
- Well? how do you this whore?
- Super! You'll give fuck?
- Can you give it to the rent.
- What is it like?
- You pay me $ 100 and it's yours for 1 hour.
- Good. Here's the money. And the guy handed him a hundred.
- The clock is ticking. An hour later, it should be in my entryway!
Then Victor was gone, and I stayed with the guys.
The guys told me:
- Now we go to school and you will be washed sperm from her face.
We went to school. At school, at that time almost no one was there and we hardly someone could see. The school toilets I washed off the face of the dried semen Victor.
One of the guys came to me:
- Hey, slut! I want you to undress in front of us right now.
I started to undress in silence. At first, I took off his stained in semen Victor pink skinny topic. My breasts were bared. I then took off his short mini skirt. So I stayed on the only white panties that are heavily soaked from the fact that I was very excited when sucked Victor.
After standing for a few seconds, I finally decided to take off and panties.
When I took them off, the guys could see my body all the intimate places. One of the guys came up to me and started stroking my hand gladkovybrity pubis. Then the guys started to feel me, forced to bend over "cancer" and lift up his legs. One of the guys pinched my clit and asked:
- Well, that bitch? Do you want us to you fucked in a dirty school toilets?
- Yes, master. I want this.
-Get up "cancer", damn!
I dutifully obeyed orders and faced cancer guys. At that moment I heard their conversation:
- Where do you want to fuck her?
- I want to pussy!
- Look not finished it, but it still flies, then the problems will not be gathered.
- We had to take the condoms!
- Yes on this slut and condoms to spend a pity! Vaughn, in the bin lying thin plastic bag, take it and use a condom.
The boy took a bag and wrapped it on his penis, then fell in behind me and deft movement drove his penis into the vagina to me. He started to fuck me roughly, and I began to moan with pleasure. At this time, the second guy came in front and, taking me by the head, introduced his penis in my mouth.
Fuck me like a whore in the last two holes, which the guys I did not even know the name in dirty school toilets. But I was only 14 years old.
One of the guys had finished in my mouth. His cock was bursting inside my throat. I felt his semen flowed into me. Salty and viscous, it enveloped my whole mouth.
The other boy, too soon finished and pulled out his penis. But the bag of his sperm was in my vagina.
Men sat on the window sill and began to smoke. I asked the guys:
- Can I get a package with the sperm from the vagina?
- NO! Leave it there!
Then the guys told me to put all my clothes except for panties. I dutifully obeyed them.
We went out into the street and the guys took me to the house of Victor, as promised.
Walking along one of the shady courtyards to meet us caught two of my classmates: Vanya and Stas. Seeing my shabby appearance Stas asked me:
- What happened to you, Julia?
I did not want to answer this question, but one of the guys did it for me:
- This whore just fucked in the toilet! He said.
Then he turned to me:
- Show that you have a vagina?
With that, he walked up to me and completely lifted my skirt.
I stuck two fingers in her vagina and pulled out of the bag. The bag was soaked from my juices from outside, but inside it was all filled with sperm.
Vanya and Stas were taken aback. They stupidly looked at my intimate charm.
One of the guys, looking remarkably Vanya and Stas said to them:
- Do you want to fuck e¸- pay us $ 100.
- But we have no money now. There are only 15 rubles.
- Well ... at 15 rubles, you can see how this bitch fucks herself with a finger.
- Well, we agree, but it's better she does it bananas.
With these words, Stas got a huge package of banana and handed it to me.
I took a banana and asked the guys:
- I do it on the street?
- Yes! Lie down on the asphalt and start!
I lay down on the pavement, spread her legs and gently introduced into the vagina banana.
Men stood around me and eagerly watched.
When I had almost reached orgasm, I saw all 4 guys standing around me, I began to masturbate !: stop at this point, one after another began to cum and the guys.
Cum squirted on me from all sides. When they finished and left their fallen members in the pants, I discovered that I was covered in semen! Sperm was everywhere:
On the hair on the face, on my pink tank top, and even on my pubic gladkovybritom.
Men stood around me and enjoyed my humiliation ... One of the guys said with a sly smile:
- It is a pity that she did not get her mouth. This bitch loves the taste of semen ...
I got up and wanted to erase themselves their sperm, but the guys told me to do this and go to Victor in this form.
I lowered my skirt and went back for the guys. Well, Victor lived in the house next door, and I have no one, probably not seen. It was not convenient to go, because the left eye was all filled with sperm, which is a thin film pulled my whole face.

Humiliation in the stairwell.

2 minutes later they brought me to the entrance to Victor. One of the men called to the door: The door opened, and on the landing seemed to Victor.
Victor gave me a disgusted look, then he said:
- I see the time you are not wasting any.
- Yes! This slut honestly fulfilled money. Victor replied one of the guys.
- Well you fucked her, guys. - With admiration, Victor said.
After that, the guys quickly gone, and I was left alone with Victor.
I asked him:
- Boss, can I wipe the face of sperm?
- You love to swallow semen?
- Yes, Master.
I obediently dropped to her knees .. and He continued ..

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