Juicy youth

- Dasha, may be enough to have you call me? You and I do not like 10 years difference? - I tell her studying her children's knees, protruding from under the shorts. Dasha is very modest and educated girl, I'm going to change in the near future.
- Call me simple, Oleg. Agreed? - I ask, looking up from her knees, looking at her in her brown eyes. In my mind I have long matured a plan for seducing her, and I hope that today I will fulfill it at night. Her grandmother went on duty and there will not be overnight, that will give me enough time to try his luck.
- Well Oleg, Dasha downcast eyes jammed in place - the so-wa ... you need a bath? - A quick fix and smiling timidly she asked again.
- Yes, you can borrow, I answer it. I do not really need a bath. I knew that Dasha today is one with me, and go to the gym, I thoroughly washed and relax in the sauna.
Dasha turned and shuffled into the bathroom for a small child wagging popochkoy. I watched her, I went back to my room. Everything was prepared. The bed is clean, the veil is gently, but so that one movement, it could be removed with a silk duvet covers. In order not to suffer the next hour, while she is taking a bath, I turned on the first got the movie on the computer and fell on the sofa. I must say that although the film was interesting, but I still remember it completely, because my thoughts were naked fourteen angel who dabble in the bath and does not even know what the program is waiting for her tonight.
When he heard the door slam in the bath I gave a start. But I still had time. while it will dry the hair and lay down in the next room on the sofa watching TV. Finally, she turned off the dryer and went to the room. Time was getting late and as usual on the TV did not show anything sensible. I heard it switches channels in which the chanting of their leading analytical programs like Posner and Gordon. Finally, I decided.
- What are you watching? - As much as possible, I innocently asked Dasha.
- Nothing ... All kind of nonsense! - With annoyance in his voice said Dasha. Her frustration was understandable, grandmother is not, and then you can watch TV at least until midnight. And then as an evil nothing interesting.
- If you want can I watch a movie or cartoon - still I innocently suggested.
- I do not know ... How is awkward ... - shy looked me in the eye and did not know how to answer her.
- Uncomfortable sleep on the ceiling - the blanket falls! - I winked at her, and for sums up - wait to watch!
Dasha went to my little room and stood. After my proposal to settle back, she sat on the edge of the bed, folding handles on the knees.
- You are so going to sit two o'clock? - Smiling, I asked - give to climb on the bed, and I do something podyschu to view. You have movies like?
Dasha in his manner that the start babbling about it all, and even she did not know if what is comedy.
- And adult movies you ever saw? - Trying not to betray his emotion
I asked Dasha.
Then she lost the final, and only said he did not know. I have included a specially downloaded porn that evening and lay down beside her on the bed. On the screen there was a young girl in a light dressing gown, reading a book with enthusiasm. I specifically picked the film, in which there is at least some story to shock Dasha gradually. The room came to our reader tall, muscular guy in jeans and a white T-shirt without sleeves, and sat down on the edge of the sofa on which she had read, he began to talk to her. The film was in English and I started to translate fluently Dasha ready-made lines with me. I will not retell all meticulously, for the most part, I told her that the man offers a girl to experience a new, not yet acquainted with her pleasure. Dasha my words squirmed on the bed and smiled. Then the couple on the screen began to kiss and after a while a guy sitting between the legs of the girl began to lick her pussy. I know that it will last seven minutes, so without wasting time go to a frontal attack.
- Dasha, but have you ever experienced such pleasure? - I asked looking into her eyes. She stunned by my question even more than the film negative squeaked.
- Dasha, you see how well that girl? See how she smiles and moans of pleasure? - I asked, sat closer to her.
Dasha stiffened and curled into a ball. I reminded her that she did not answer my question, and it is not looking at me, said that he sees.
- Would you like to experience today the same pleasure? - I finally decided.
- Nn-no ... - Dasha whispered shivering, but did not pull away when I put my hand on her leg and only started when I kissed her on the neck.
- Look, you can see how a girl like this, - I continued, - and you will also be pleased, and I will do my best as the guy no more, no less, so you'll definitely enjoy it. Dasha made a half-hearted attempt to move away and can be reach the door. I put a stop to this maneuver, his arm around her waist and pressed her trembling body to his. I began to stroke her hair and shoulders, saying comforting words, but in the meantime turned her body into a horizontal position and slightly massaged her small breasts, gently moved his hand under the elastic of her shorts. She tensed when my fingers touched the delicate baby slits to which none of the men had not yet touched. Crack have burned when my fingers began to stroke her, but was still dry. I leaned over and kissed her tightly clenched lips, through which sometimes slipped quiet hectic and such children's request that it be stopped, and I do not do that. I caught it on one of these phrases I stuck my tongue in her mouth small and delicate. She sobbed and tears appeared in his eyes. Continuing to caress her cunt fingers explore her mouth and tongue, I continued to stroke her hair trying to calm. It's over, I would in unison to rip her shorts and drove his petrified cock in her hole on the eggs, but I could not do it, because in the first place all this performance in the end was it to liberate and to do all this our little secret, and secondly, I do not want to do it too painful. All in good time I decided that working through a couple of days ago the plan.
Dasha meanwhile calmed down and began timidly to respond to my kisses. The reason for this change lay in my fingers, which began to slide over the last juices oozing cunt. Increase pressure on klitorochek, I made sure that her tongue started to play with my tongue I am already in my mouth, and she succumbed to forward and embraced me began to rub my hand on his flushed front fascia. That's what I was waiting for.
While the on-screen girl who sat leaning on his arms outstretched Man and made him a blowjob, I broke away from the lips of his young mistress, confident movement in both hands removed her shorts and not giving her time to recover pressed his lips to her cunt. How long have I dreamed about this moment, and finally my hopes dashed. Her chink even exceeded my expectations. Barely made the way Bush his short hairs on the pubes, towered over completely intact, even slightly ajar children's pussy. Klitorochek if only just found its way out of the crease and barely visible. Pussy was dark pink, almost crimson color of a barely visible between the folds holes oozing fragrant juices for children. I pressed his lips to this miracle and bit tongue in klitorochek. I then stroked it, sucked his lips, the characters written on it. Dasha quite melted from my caresses moaning and pawing right hand of my hair on the head, left just imitating what they see on the screen, caressing her small breasts ...
To be continued...
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