A distant relative of

I was then 15 years old. She came once to visit us, our distant relative. It was a beautiful girl of 20 years with a beautiful slender figure. Most of all I was struck by her in her huge breasts. They are issued under the dress, that all men could not look at them as they passed. My dick is the sight was like a stake. I was already being interested in the opposite sex.
One day, when no one at home except for me and her, Alain (as her name) went to the bathroom to wash. I quietly crept up to the door and peered into the small crack. My eyes opened a terrific picture. Allen shot a terry robe, freed from their huge breasts bra, took off her panties. What were her big nipples! Dark big rosettes stood out distinctly on the white body.
Pubic hair was jet-black and very thick. Imagine my surprise when Alain, becoming the shower began to lather himself crotch and pulled out a razor. She began to shave the hair between her legs. When she finished, my eyes appeared a completely bare lips of her vagina and clitoris is far from outstanding. My excitement reached its limit and I have decided to release his penis from captivity in the pants. He was standing at forty-five degrees.
Meanwhile, Alain decided to please herself. She shoved her vagina with two fingers, and quickly began to move them back and forth. At the same time the expression on her face, I realized that it is very good. She even started to moan a bit, but very quietly, so no one had heard. A few minutes later Alain roughly finished and took his fingers from his insides. I quickly went to his room.
A week later, the whole family, including Alena, was invited to the party. We are pleased to get all gone. They drank all but me very much. Allen has barely standing on his feet. The parents decided to stay the night here, and I sent her home.
As we drove Alain razvezlo so that she did not realize there was nothing and was unconscious. The room I was already carrying her in his arms. She slept. Suddenly I was struck by the amazing thought: what if I have fun with Alena. After all, it is drunk, so much so, that does not understand and probably will not remember anything when I touch it up a bit for intimate places. And I decided.
Put it in the middle of the room, I started my fun. Placing his hand on her huge firmer breasts, I clearly felt her breath. The breast was soft and pleasant to the touch. I began to gently knead it. Allen did not respond to my manipulation and I decided on a daring venture. Unbuttoned her blouse and bra, I saw her beautiful breasts completely naked and blood rushed to my whiskey.
I decided to see how hard she sleeps and pinched her nipple. She did not react. I clenched my chest very much, but the effect was the same. Allen did not feel anything. And then I decided to have sex muzhdu her huge breasts. I've seen it in several magazines and decided to try. I put his dick sticking out between its hills and joined her breasts together. I was so pleased by their warmth. I began to gently move the member resulting in the narrow hole. A member of a very tight and went from that it was very good. I'm so broke, I almost finished right on Allen. At the last moment I pulled the penis and sperm erupted on the carpet.
Wiping member, I wanted to touch them lips of his relative. I carefully stood over her lap and held it to her lips a member. Referring to her full lips, I felt them a pleasant softness and warmth. How would you like to Alain took his own hands, absorbed it into his mouth and his tongue brought to orgasm.
Soothe your perverse desire, I decided to explore the lower part of the body of a relative. I took off her pants and panties. I was not afraid, she suddenly wakes up. Bending her knees and widely spreading them apart, I began to examine the vagina Alena.
Sponges her body were very large and fleshy. They were impacted. I gently parted them and looked inside. Everything was wet. Before my eyes appeared a small clitoris and narrow entrance to its depth. I licked this beauty. The taste was very pleasant. I decided to fuck Alenka and vagina. Carefully I began to introduce his penis. After a while, the member was already fully in, for the most eggs. I began to make reciprocating movement.
After a while, I remembered that I still remained unexplored her ass. Turning Alain on his stomach, I threw aside her buttocks. I saw a little brown anusik. A few porn - movies I've seen women fucked in the anus, and I wanted to try, too. "Most of this case I can not introduce never in my life" - I thought. And I decided. Spitting on a dry hole sphincter, I began to introduce Alena ass finger. He slipped back quite easily and I felt the warmth of her insides. "And do not fuck - whether it in the ass" - in this case I thought. I started to make a circular motion with your finger in the anus and then very easy to put back and the second toe. I decided that would be too easy to put back and my dick.
Moisten it and the entrance to the anus with saliva, I put a to his penis. I could not just go in there. The head was too big and was not included. I've wanted to fuck that ass, and so strongly moved member. Member, breaking the barrier gently slipped inside. I started slowly and fuck this beautiful ass with his cock. At the last moment I pulled the penis and watered the whole back Alena his sperm. She never woke up.
The next morning I behaved like nothing had happened. Alain is nothing knew and felt. She did not know ever that I fucked her in all fools.