First love

These events happened to me when I was 14 years old. I changed the names. It was the height of summer, and all of us, except my parents wanted to relax by the sea. I was sent with his brother and his wife, as well as with us went to their friends: 2 girlfriend Lena (wife's brother) and a friend of Sasha (his brother).
Where we came to me very much.
In the hotel we have 3 double bedrooms. Sasha lived with Lena, Lena's girlfriend moved in together, and I lived with St¸poy (another brother). At first I was uncomfortable to sleep with him in the same bed.
Stepan was a very nice young man had light brown hair and light eyes. I was in love with him even with 11 years, I have matured mentally early. I had painted bright red hair and brown-green eyes. Before my waist down a long thick braid. Chest I had a small, but beautiful forms.
With St¸poy I made friends. We always had fun together. We played beach volleyball, morozhnoe ate at the bar, splashing in the sea. Once everyone except me and St¸pki went to the disco at the club until the morning. At that time I decided to go to the movies, the cinema was far away and long ago it was dark. Stepan naturally went with me, well, still would let itself a fragile girl. I decided that in whatever was to please him. I wore a tight-fitting gray jacket with a small cut, narrow denim mini skirt and my constant sneakers, half-boots. He was wearing a checkered shirt and blue jeans. The movie went some horror, I was very frightened by this and is constantly pressed against him. He only just smiled all the time and finally kissed me on the lips.
Now we walked arm in arm on the way back. When we got to the room, he decided to take a shower. I could not stand it, and when he went to the bathroom I decided to peek into the hole in the door. I saw him undressing ... Oh, it's a beautiful body! To the best of pumped up and lightly tanned. Later I will see his penis, size somewhere 15-16 cm. This sight is very excited me. Then he went into the shower stall and it was not visible. I moved away from the door. In me a burning desire and I decided to seduce him. He dressed and left the booth. I went up to him and hugged, he replied squeezed me in his arms and we started kissing passionately. He kissed superb and after a few seconds I was in seventh heaven. I felt the hill, formed in his pants, and his eyes, caressing my breasts. I sheepishly began to unbutton the buttons of his shirt, he grinned and eagerly threw me on the bed. He pulled off my blouse and began to gently kiss my neck and shoulders. Then he took off my bra and threw it aside. He began to gently kiss my breasts, suck and nibble on her nipples. My panties were wet. He took his dick out of jeans, held it between her breasts and offered me her mouth. I took it in his hands a couple of times and gently licked the head, he held me by the hair and began to moan. I tried even harder, trying to give pleasure to my beloved, and began to lick his penis and testicles fully. Then I swallowed a member half and quickly began to suck him. He moaned loudly with pleasure and took a member of the mouth. He pulled up my skirt, quickly pulled off wet panties and threw them aside. He parted my legs and began to fuck me with your fingers. Please put one and then the second. I began to moan. Then he bent down and began to lick me kisku.On gently drove his tongue over the clitoris and penetrate them into the vagina. From all this, I felt truly heavenly delight and screamed in a loud voice (how lucky that the neighbors have gone to the concert). Then he started to rub against a member of my pussy, I came out of it. Then he introduced the term in my pussy and my hymen broke, I felt sick inside as if something had exploded. I wanted to scream, but Stepan closed his mouth with his lips and whispered in your ear: "It's all over, my girl." I calmed down and felt already pleasant. We fucked another half hour and finished at the same time. We lay down and tenderly embraced. We razgovalivali all the time until you fall asleep. After that, we became inseparable.