Holidays Christmas

Agnes entered the spacious hall. Vacation -Think it - as it should be great. Parents went skiing, the servants were released, and his brother in college. If from her boarding school no one was leaving, she probably would have stayed there all these cheesy Christmas holidays. Agnes went to his room, the suitcases were lying beside the bed. The servants go in the evening, and she would have to have its gala dinner alone. There was a knock at the door.
The housekeeper said that Alex, her brother would come in the evening. Agnes jumped up on the bed and began to jump for joy. Her little yubchonka takes wing, exposing the legs and revealing pristine white panties. Brother, then all is not lost. Alex was 10 years older than Agnes, he was 23. They tied friendship, brother always played with her in spite of the age difference. Agnes was very tired and fell asleep on the bed in his clothes. She woke up several hours later on that her someone slowly undressed. Opening her eyes, she saw Alex, he took off her shirt and skirt had already been removed, and she was in shorts. Despite his thirteen years and has recently started monthly, Agnes was not wearing a bra, her small slender figure is more like the boy. Flat chest, small nipples, narrow hips. The fact that she looked like a girl only a small chink, barely covered with fuzz, which was hidden is now under the little white panties. Alex slapped her on the ass and told to dress for dinner.
Descending into, living Agnes saw richly laid table. Alex helped her to sit down, and offered a few cold dishes. Agnes was impatient. She had not seen Alex for several months, and wanted to know what happened during that time. Alex lifted his hands from the flood of questions and began talking about his friends.
- By the way - he interrupted his story - I invited one of his friend on a visit, he will arrive tomorrow morning.
- And you will immediately forget about opinion resentfully handed Agnes.
- No you, we'll have fun together. On, drink champagne, you're a big girl.
Agnes took a big gulp and felt like champagne warmed her empty stomach. She ate almost nothing, and so the story of his brother took her that she had forgotten all about it. So she sipped champagne, and her brother entertained with his stories. The clock struck midnight.
- Oh, it's too late, you go to sleep.
- Well, no, I beg you, even for an hour.
- Well, let's loop through to your room. You go to bed, and I'm still that be tell.
Agnes got up from his chair and found that her legs do not obey. Alex caught her.
- Well, I got drunk, and I bear you - humorously Alex said and picked her up.
The room he put her on the bed and began to undress. Agnes writhing helping his brother. Finally on it were only panties.
- Now I sleep - he covered her with a blanket.
- No, - Agnes grabbed his neck - Stay - you promised.
Alex clenched his fists near her became unbearable. She looked like a boy - with his brother, whom he had first sexual intercourse, it seemed that a member would break. He pulled back the covers and ran his hand over his chest sister, she did not understand what was going on, but she had confidence in "their" Alex. In the meantime, he has got to her panties and pulled them down. What a pity, he thought, not seeing the small segment. His hand moved between her legs. Agnes was floating on the waves, then one of the waves washed over her between her legs and she spread them wider. Alex immediately squeezed between them and opened her lower jaw. He tried to insert her finger, but silk was dry and tight. Then he started to rub her clit, Agnes arched toward him. A few minutes later, Alex felt her mink filled juices. He slipped his hands under her zadik and pressed his lips to the crevice. He frantically flailing it with his tongue, thrusting it into the already slightly stretched vagina. After a few seconds, Agnes felt that it rolls which is inexpressible shattering orgasm, of course she did not understand it. Alex moved away from her, he lay with his eyes closed and his hands clenched, the voltage covering it. Agnes gradually woke up and looked at his brother. He lay beside her on the back, was completely naked and his penis was in full readiness. The girl had never seen the male member. She reached out a hand and touched her head. Alex shuddered, and Agnes fright seized, and severely squeezed head. Brother again shuddered and began to flow out of the penis white liquid, filling the stomach and arm Agnes Alex. Agnes raised her hand smeared with sperm and sniffed, then licked. It seemed she did not seem nasty, she lapped up the cum from his hands and fell to the belly of his brother. Leading him on the language she involuntarily aroused Alex and while Agnes got to his cock, he was already in full force. The sister took him into her mouth and began to suck as a favorite ice cream. Alex felt the peak of its excitation, and moved away from his sister. He put her on her back and spread her legs wide. Attach the front of the entrance, Alex led his penis to the vagina sisters. He began to introduce a circular motion head between her thighs, advancing a few centimeters, he felt the barrier and stopped. Then, a strong impetus has torn hymen and moved another few centimeters. Agnes was hurt, she began to squirm, trying to free himself from the grip of his brother, but her vagina was so crowded and hot that Alex no longer control himself. It jerky slid his cock into her little vagina and began to peck up and down, up and down ... until he finally reached the tipping point and threw a seed in her sister.
Agnes woke up in the night because Alex stroked her pussy involuntarily she began again excited, despite the fact that previous experience has brought her great satisfaction, she allowed him to lift her hips and enter into itself. Her vagina was in semen, blood and its juices, so a new entry did not cause her pain with each thrust on the contrary, she felt all the new wave of excitement. Alex began to stroke her klitorok and Agnes huddled in the first orgasm. Despite that Alex did not finish, and continued to pump her. Second they experienced an orgasm together. Agnes tossed on the bed like crazy, howling and screaming as she loves her brother. Finally all was quiet, and they fell asleep.
Waking up the next day, Agnes gladly reached out, and stumbled upon the body of his brother. So it's not a dream - rejoicing, she thought, and reached out to a member of his brother. Here's how it all happens, that's what shepchu4tsya senior student. Licking dick brother, she remembered the friend who was supposed to come today. Imagining it, it has become harder to work on a member. Everything is just beginning - she thought.